Newsletter #6 and Letters to Council

A new week, a new newsletter, and same old Council shenanigans. PK Newsletter, Issue #6 We've started posting our newsletters online as PDF files for anyone who wants to read them. In this week's issue: Updated Bylaw sheltering statsNews on specific sheltering sites: Central/RAP, McKenzie & Pat Bay, MEEGAN, and windstorm impactsUpdate on indoor options … Continue reading Newsletter #6 and Letters to Council

New weekly Poverty Kills newsletter

Access to information has been an ongoing challenge since March 2020 when the COVID restrictions first started. In conversation with frontline workers and informal grassroots teams, in early December Poverty Kills started doing a weekly newsletter trying to collate info so people have some sense of what is happening. We watch webcasts of government meetings, … Continue reading New weekly Poverty Kills newsletter

Action: Tell the city to divest from policing and invest in communities

In 'bc', every spring municipalities set their budgets and project a 5-year financial plan. They have to as part of this process invite public input. To help with this we've done a detailed analysis of the City of 'victoria' 2021 Draft Financial Plan (PDF file, 13 MB) that includes info about the City’s input process, … Continue reading Action: Tell the city to divest from policing and invest in communities

Colonial powers and community showers

Since the first COVID-19 restrictions were implemented in ‘victoria’ in March 2020, one survival service (of many) that has been restricted for those forced to shelter outside is basic hygiene access in the form of showers. While there have been several organizations that have been offering limited access to showers throughout the pandemic, overall these … Continue reading Colonial powers and community showers

In colonialism we trust: Ongoing municipal shenanigans at MEEGAN

In May we wrote about a post exploring some of the history of colonial theft and damage to MEEGAN (aka 'beaconhill park'). The post was prompted by a NIMBY uproar about people being allowed to shelter 24/7 in the park in COVID times, and related hysteria about temporary sheltering being predicted to cause apocalyptic damage … Continue reading In colonialism we trust: Ongoing municipal shenanigans at MEEGAN

Transparency and accountability

Tomorrow (Thursday November 12) at its Committee of the Whole meeting 'victoria' city council is once again considering multiple items relating to sheltering outside, with no input from people living outside. There is much that could be said about how information in this week's staff reports and motions contribute to stereotyping, fear, and hatred of … Continue reading Transparency and accountability

Municipal government blocks handwashing and shower access

On October 27 we wrote about a grassroots shower initiative started by people fed up with governments' continued failure to make sure that people sheltering outside have access to showers close to where they're living. Raising their own money and doing their own construction, on Saturday November 7 the two community-built showers were taken to … Continue reading Municipal government blocks handwashing and shower access

Grassroots showers

There are so many things in colonial government responses to COVID that are both predictable and also disturbing. Among these is the refusal to make sure that people who are sheltering outside can access basic hygiene like handwashing and showers close to where they are living. The United Nations has repeatedly stated that access to … Continue reading Grassroots showers